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Welcome to Automation Guarding Systems, Manufacturers of Machine Guarding Products

At Automation Guarding we have over 30 years of steel fabrication experience providing products and services typically found in the automotive industry. Now in it's 13th year, Automation Guarding Systems is a leader in machine guard products. Our guarding products have many uses including: Robot Guarding, Machine Guarding, Workstation Enclosures, and more.

Our modular system has allowed us to perfect our designs, manufacturing, customizing, cost and delivery. Our system allows you the ability to customize on the floor with minimal tools and no need to weld or repaint custom areas.

Wire Mesh Panels
Expanded Metal Panels
Polycarbonate Panels
Sheet Metal Panels
Weld Screen Panels
 Hinge Gates, Slidegates, Total Access Hinge Gates and Slidegates
    Cable Tray and Overhead
Modular Structure
    Most Orders Shipped in 24 hours
Temporary or Permanent Guarding
Engineering Services
Field Alterations
    Requires No Welding or Painting