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1700mm Solid Steel Panels

1700mm Panels w/Solid Steel (16 GA.) for Machine, Perimeter, and Robot Guarding. Panels are available in widths of 300mm to 3000mm.

Special Panels are available for your own needs, please contact us for more information.

The "A" column below is the width of the panel, and the "B" column is for the height. All panels come Powder Coated for commercial use.

Panel Construction: Powder Coating
  • Frame: 38.0 mm x 38 mm = 1.50 x 1.50 Inch Formed Angel
  • Material 3.1 mm = 0.122" Steel
  • Mesh Opening: 46.8 mm = 1.85"
  • Solid Steel insert uses 16 GA. Steel
  • Panel is Assembled with specially designed Corner Brackets
  • Lexan is secured with specially designed clips
  • All Material is 100% Powder Coated
  • Formed Angle is Powder Coated Yellow*
  • Welded Wire Mesh is Powder Coated Black
  • All Nuts, Bolts, & Clips are Zinc Plated
*Other Colors and Custom Orders Available

 Image   Part No   A   B   Description   Price   Quantity 
Solid Steel Panel 300mm  A13006   300   1700   16 GA Solid Steel Panel   $65.63 
Solid Steel Panel - 600mm  A13007   600   1700   16 GA Solid Steel Panel   $80.43 
Solid Steel Panel 900mm  A13008   900   1700   16 GA Solid Steel Panel   $97.68 
Solid Steel Panel 1200mm  A13009   1200   1700   16 GA Solid Steel Panel   $114.15 
Solid Steel Panel 1500mm  A13010   1500   1700   16 GA Solid Steel Panel   $127.79 
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